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Yuval Lavi - Music Composer

Yuval Lavi is a classically and contemporary trained composer, and producer for visual media based in Los Angeles. Due to his early introduction to music and professional training in film-scoring, Lavi can completely adapt to all kinds of genres in music and visual media. For Lavi, visual media and music are unequivocally intertwined as a story is rarely completely told without the other. In his practice he often uses music to capture moments, embodying emotions in time, not only through sound but through all senses. The simultaneous juxtaposition of both harmony and melody, as well as shadows and light, simply encapsulates the world around us and allows for a truly uniquely powerful experience.

Throughout his work, he closely collaborated with multiple filmmakers and has had his music featured in American and International films. Lavi’s music can be described as tonally minimalistic and intimate, with organic and lush arrangements, a mixture of electronic and acoustic textures, and compelling production that completely immerses the audience in the story.

Lavi’s scores and collaborations include En Paix (France), The Fisherman’s Wife (Israel), Family Distancing (Israel), Our Brotherly Love (USA), Worms (USA), Like Me (Israel), The Last Night (USA), and more. In addition to his scoring work, Lavi has numerous credits for sound mixing and audio editing for several films, and developed a custom Kontakt library that accurately replicates the Hang Drum instrument (recorded at God Knows Studios) with the high-end Coles 4038, C414 XLS, Electro-Voice RE20-BLACK microphones.

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